We build around you and your needs.

EppiPeople has all the equipment needed for simultaneous interpreting and for conferences in general, including a conference system for work table meetings, interactive electronic voting, and all the latest audiovisual equipment.

  • Audio equipment, video and lights
 for any type of event;
  • Simultaneous translation systems, including portable equipment (Bidule);
  • Direction;
  • Recording on analog or digital supports;
  • Conference System;
  • Video projection;
  • Video conferencing;
  • Closed circuit video, casting, direction, editing, and dubbing;
  • Electronic voting system;
  • Attendance-taking system;
  • Electronic polling station;
  • Computer & accessory rentals.

Moreover, after years of working with event decor and organization professionals, we can offer the following:

  • Organizing and setting up exhibition booths;
  • Personalized signs and billboards;
  • Stage decor;
  • Overseeing exhibition spaces and ad hoc productions.


Lastly, relationships of trust with professional technicians and directors allow us to offer, at highly competitive costs, audio/video documentations of any event, institutional, industrial, image and product films, video clips, spot advertisements, graphic animations and themes, dealing with all production phases, from script development to delivering the finished product.