Who We Are

Boasting more than 15 years of experience, EppiPeople is a Rome-based agency that organizes events throughout Italy with a solid professional base, in pursuit of environmental sustainability and in keeping with the customers’ specific needs.

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Over the years, we have managed to build an extensive network of suppliers and collaborators (from specialized translators to multilingual hosting staff, from technical services to interpreters, from catering to set-up and staging, etc.).

This is the way we choose to stay competitive on an increasingly tough market: by relying on trusted, skilled, and qualified people.

Concrete action, style, reliability, simplicity. These are an integral part of our way of doing and thinking; they are our way of being.
And this is what allows us to guarantee the utmost efficiency, the best rates, and the highest quality.

But it’s not just efficient service that makes the difference. It is equally important for us to forge empathy with the people we are working with, so as to be able at all times to recommend the best formula while taking specific needs into account.


Who has chosen us, from institutional subjects to large companies,
international clients paying attention to professionalism and sustainability.


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