Interpreting and Translation

The mother-tongue translators and interpreters Eppipeople has been working with for years are industry professionals who guarantee skill, reliability, commitment, and availability – the very same characteristics that have earned us so many customers’ confidence and esteem, and have brought us such a long way.

With our extensive network of professionals, we can offer interpreting services in all languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German, but also languages seldom in demand in our home market, like Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Polish, Serbian, and so on

Remote Interpreting

Translating without being on site is an opportunity that has become a necessity due to the Covid-19 health emergency. In fact, remote interpreting allows a multilingual meeting to be held live or online with remotely linked interpreters, who will be able to guarantee simultaneous translation as if they were in the interpreter booth. Many platforms can be used, based on the number of participants, the type of meeting, event, or conference; in recent months our interpreters have earned accreditation with the most widespread of these platforms.


In a booth, interpreters wearing headsets listen to the presenters’ speeches and translate them in real time, while the delegates, also wearing headsets, listen to the translation into their own languages. For simultaneous interpretation, then, the room must have a booth for each language. The booth must be in compliance with ISO 2603 standards in the case of fixed systems, and with ISO 4043 standards in the case of mobile ones. Each booth must have at least two interpreters.


Consecutive interpreting is suited to meetings with a smaller number of participants. The interpreter takes notes and, at the end of the speech, translates what was said.

(the use of technical systems is not required)


Whispered translation (“chuchotage”) is translation done by whispering the essential concepts of the speech to at most two listeners.


Liaison interpreting ensures informal understanding for small groups of people, thus excluding simultaneous or consecutive interpreting techniques.


Who has chosen us, from institutional subjects to large companies,
international clients paying attention to professionalism and sustainability.

interfaccia della piattaforma per eventi digitali


The pandemic may have changed the event landscape, but not our desire to guarantee skill and professionalism in the digital events world, too. Our technology offers various types of Live Broadcast Streaming that can help create the right format for your event. Using systems like CISCO WEBEX, ZOOM, GO TO MEETING, BLUEJEANS, SKYPE, etc., we can continue to plan and organize events.

interfaccia della piattaforma per eventi digitali
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