Technical Services and Set-up

EppiPeople has all the equipment needed for simultaneous translation and for conferences in general, including a conference system for meetings at the working table, electronic voting, and all the latest audiovisual systems.

Audio, video, and lights systems for any type of event
Simultaneous translation systems, including portable ones (bidule kit)
Analog and digital recording
Conference System
Closed-circuit video, casting, direction, editing, and dubbing
Electronic voting system
Attendance recording systems
Electronic polling place
Computer & accessories rental

With our years of collaboration with staging and set-up professionals, we can offer: stand staging and set-up, billboards and customized signage, stage set-up, supervision of exhibition spaces, and ad hoc stagings.

Video and Documentation

We work in full confidence with a team of professional directors and technicians, to offer you audio / video documentation of institutional or industrial event, image and product films, video clips, commercials, theme songs and graphic animations at very competitive costs. We take care of all stages of production, from script processing to delivery of the finished product.


Who has chosen us, from institutional subjects to large companies,
international clients paying attention to professionalism and sustainability.

interfaccia della piattaforma per eventi digitali


The pandemic may have changed the event landscape, but not our desire to guarantee skill and professionalism in the digital events world, too. Our technology offers various types of Live Broadcast Streaming that can help create the right format for your event. Using systems like CISCO WEBEX, ZOOM, GO TO MEETING, BLUEJEANS, SKYPE, etc., we can continue to plan and organize events.

interfaccia della piattaforma per eventi digitali
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