GREEN does not always mean more expensive.

If you so desire, with EppiPeople you can now organize a Green Version Event, in line with your reduced budget requirements.

To protect the environment, it is important to learn how to live and to CONSUME in a more efficient and eco-friendly way; EppiPeople believes that doing business in an ecologically aware way is possible, and provides an opportunity for all. The EppiPeople - GreenVersion division allows clients to choose events based on environmental sustainability and ecology, thus reducing our debt to nature.

Any event, great or small, can transmit to its participants ethical values and examples of good practise in order to seriously consider the possibility of staging, in Italy and abroad, sustainable events capable of providing further value to traditional communication.


Here are the first steps EppiPeople has made towards a greener world:

  • Limiting the use of traditional mailings, and going paperless at the office;
  • Using only recycled paper;
  • Using printers with low environmental impact for energy savings, and two-sided printing;
  • Using low-energy light bulbs;
  • Encouraging waste sorting at the office;
  • Sending our offerings in electronic format;
  • Developing electronic advertising material that is easily downloadable from the site.