Digital Events

The recent months may have changed the event landscape, but not our desire to guarantee skill and professionalism in the digital events world, too. This is why we have studied the various opportunities offered by the available technologies to “overcome” physical distances while guaranteeing the ability to communicate important content effectively.

Our technology offers various types of Live Broadcast Streaming that can help create the right format for your event. Using systems like CISCO WEB EX, ZOOM, GO TO MEETING, BLUE JEANS, SKYPE, to name a few, we can continue to plan and organize events.

We are also able to turn all events into multilingual online events, through remote simultaneous interpreting applicable to all platforms.

Customizable platform for virtual events

Our collaboration with digital professionals allows us to customize a platform to make the experience of taking part in the event as “real” as possible, giving guests and speakers the impression of being physically together on conference day.
Moreover, this platform allows you to communicate and publicize your event via the web if it is public in nature.

Green room For virtual events

If the customer lacks a representation site to welcome speakers but still wishes to give participants the impression of experiencing a “live” event, Eppipeople provides a genuine multimedia studio and multichannel broadcast for multiplatform use.
Equipped with a green screen, the environment allows the objects and subjects present in the studio to be integrated into a completely virtualized environment, created ad hoc with the event’s graphics.


Who has chosen us, from institutional subjects to large companies,
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