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Organizing a successful event means believing above all in the value of the people working there.

The very foundation of everything EppiPeople does is its team of collaborators and partners, with specific language and technical skills to Conceive, Design, Organize and Manage Events, Conferences, Congresses, corporate Meetings, Seminars, Workshops, Round Tables, company Cocktail parties andReceptions.

The best possible efficiency, for the best value.

The proper organization of any event, and any moment in it (from reception to technical assistance and so on), is an essential step for a communication project to be successful.

Our objective is always to provide a solution that reflects our client’s real needs, while guaranteeing the utmost efficiency, the best rates, and the highest quality.

From the design’s presentation to the customer to overseeing the entire preparation phase, and on to execution, EppiPeople manages each and every stage: choosing the time and place, printing the programmes, organizing the venues, handling administrative aspects, managing address lists, coordinating assistance personnel, holding press conferences, and preparing budgets, documents, the press kit, and acknowledgements, in constant dialogue with the customer.


Indeed, dialogue with the client is the very foundation for an excellent outcome.


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Eppipeoplehas helped create and safeguard 107 m2 of forest in Costa Rica, offsetting, in 5 years, 72 kg of CO2 generated by its own monthly traffic.